Premium healthcare service


“We serve with care” with 3 locations in Montego Bay. We are also open on Sundays & Public Holidays to serve you better.

J&J Pharmacy is your one stop pharmacy. If we don’t have what you need, we promise we will get it for you. We offer a personalized service.

We provide you with all your prescription drug needs. Additionally we carry a wide variety of cosmetics, gifts, stationary items and more. At our health food store you can find fresh juices, sandwiches, cakes, vitamin supplements and herbal supplements. We also have a bookstore offering health books, textbooks, calculators, and Internet cafe and photocopying services.

In addition, we offer senior citizen and preferred customer discounts as well as fax in prescription and delivery services. For all these and more services visit or call us today.

We offer delivery services and do blood pressure checks , blood sugar tests, HBA1c tests, DNA tests, cholesterol tests, and HIV tests.

We also offer medication review services. Appointment for medication review is available from 2pm-6pm on Mondays to Fridays and 6pm-7pm on Saturdays.

Senior citizen discount offer